100 Mile Club

We are a chapter of the national 100 Mile Club®, which is based in California. The goal is to run or walk 100 miles at school in one school year. The national organization is very specific in their requirement that these miles take place at school. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to complete the distance and promotes team solidarity. We are not able to count miles completed in extracurricular activities; however, running during P.E. class does count if the student turns in a verified P.E. card.

+ Why Join

It’s fun and you make friends! It develops fitness, perseverance, confidence, initiative, and more!

+ Who can participate?

Students in grades K-12 (see “When and Where” for details), parents, younger siblings… if you want to join us, you are welcome!

+ When and Where?

There is no mandatory attendance requirement; however, it is difficult to reach 100 miles if you attend fewer than two times per week.

  • Monday and Wednesday afternoons, 3:15-4:00 pm (Grades 5-12*)
  • Meet at the outdoor classroom. We will walk to Edora Park or a nearby area. *Students in grades K-4 are welcome to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:00-7:25 am (Grades K-12) RCS playground
  • We do 4-5 community runs as a team, and are usually able to negotiate a team discount. Information about these events will be e-mailed and posted on PowerSchool.

+ How is mileage tracked?

Miles will be tracked with lap sticks. At the end of each session, the lap sticks will be tallied and miles will be calculated. The purpose of the 100 Mile Club® is to challenge yourself. Honesty is expected.

The official mile count is posted outside of Mrs. Jhones’ room (103). There is a smaller chart in Mrs. Nichols’ room. If you would like to track your own miles, we have individual paper charts available by request.

+ What do I need to bring?

Appropriate running clothes, running shoes, a water bottle, and a snack (optional). Remember that Colorado weather is unpredictable, so dressing in layers is helpful. Please leave earbuds and music at home. Students may not use cell phones during running club.

We will run outside whenever possible, even if it is cold, so make sure your child is prepared! In the event of severely inclement weather or unsafe conditions, an inside alternative will be provided. If you are unsure of whether 100 Mile Club will be held inside or outside, please wait outside of Mrs. Jhones’ room while the coaches make that determination.

+ What does it cost?

The cost is $20 per participant, which includes all incentives, administrative costs, and the end-of-year party. Community runs are optional; therefore, race registration fees are not covered. For families registering more than three participants, please contact us for the family discount. We do not want cost to prevent anyone from participating, so if it is a concern, please contact us.

+ Is 100 Mile Club ever canceled?

We try to keep cancellations to a minimum, so you will have as much time as possible to earn your miles. We will never cancel due to cold or inclement weather, unless there is a school-wide early release or cancellation of extracurricular activities!

Per school policy, 100 Mile Club will not occur in the afternoons during Quiet Week, and for coach sanity, it will be canceled on Parent-Teacher Conference days. Cancellations and announcements will be communicated via e-mail and the LMS.

+ What are the incentives?

In addition to the self-confidence and fitness you earn from running, there are also incentives every 25 miles.

  • 25 miles: Members receive their 100 Mile Club® t-shirt when they complete 25 miles. The back of the shirt is designed as a wearable incentive chart.
  • 50 miles: Participants receive a silver pencil.
  • 75 miles: Participants receive a colorful bracelet and a collapsible water bottle.
  • 100 miles: Participants who run 100 miles receive a drawstring bag and will be presented with a gold medal at the end-of-year party.
  • But don’t stop there!
  • Some students reach 100 miles early. Set your own goal - there are rewards every 25 miles!
  • Current records for a single school year:
  • Grades K-3: 263 miles
  • Grades 4 and up: 229 miles

Even if participants are unable to complete 100 miles, we celebrate! All participants receive a certificate of achievement with their total number of miles completed at the end-of-year celebration.