Character Pillars

Ridgeview aims to foster the intellectual and character development of all members of its community. Parents, students, faculty, and staff are asked to sign this agreement in an effort to nurture and sustain the type of environment that makes such development feasible. We want for our members to fall in love with virtue and to realize that these are not empty platitudes, but ways of perceiving the world and our relations with others. We hold that it is insufficient to merely know the good; instead, we must habituate ourselves to virtues through self-examination. These pillars represent the qualities we believe most important to the preservation of our community.

Cooperation | CONVIVENTIA

I recognize that I am engaged in an endeavor to develop my character and intellect, which I must pursue with a purpose while recognizing that others are integral to my success in this.

Citizenship | CIVITAS

I recognize that I am a member of an established community and will practice my rights, duties, and privileges in such a way as to uphold and preserve the benefits of citizenship for others.


I recognize that this endeavor will require a disposition characterized by nobility and valor; to make hard decisions with a view to virtue rather than popularity, to justice rather than ease, and to magnanimity rather than self-regard.

Perseverance | CONSTANTIA

I recognize that no great thing is achieved without great effort, and that constancy, tenacity, and resolve are the handmaidens to success in an endeavor shared with my fellows.

Honesty | PROBITAS

I recognize that honorable behavior requires that I will behave with forthrightness in my thoughts, words, and deeds even when I myself am not treated in such a way.

Integrity | INTEGRITAS

I recognize the imperativeness of conducting myself in a manner that is beyond reproach in matters intellectual and moral, and that my relations with others must be upright and sincere.

Respect | HONOR

I recognize that my fellows are worthly of my esteem, consideration, courtesy, and charity; that for me to be appreciated requires that I appreciate others.

Responsibility | OFFICIUM

I recognize that I am, in my relations with others, accountable for my actions and utterances; that circumstances will not sway me nor excuses vindicate me in conduct that is unbecoming of a person of good character.

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