Mrs. Stanton

Mrs. Stanton graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Microbiology. After graduation, she worked in a diagnostic laboratory at the USDA and later in an immunology research laboratory at National Jewish Hospital. While working in the lab, Mrs. Stanton discovered that she had a strong interest in public science education and returned to school to earn her Secondary Science teaching certificate. She went on to teach various science courses at Brighton High School and, later, at Jefferson Academy High School, a K-12 charter school in Jefferson County. Her experience in working with charter school teachers, students, and parents while at Jefferson Academy made a huge impression on her and she became a lifelong advocate for charter schools.

Upon the birth of her first child, Mrs. Stanton left teaching to stay home. While at home, she began taking accounting courses through Metropolitan State University, and in 2013, she became a Certified Public Accountant. She currently works part-time as a CPA.

Mrs. Stanton and her husband have three children, all of whom attend Ridgeview. They came to tour Ridgeview when their oldest child was entering 6th grade and his neighborhood school seemed to be failing him. Mrs. Stanton had long been familiar with Ridgeview’s outstanding academic reputation but did not anticipate that it would be a good fit for her creative, outside-the-box thinker. Much to her surprise, her son loved the school upon visiting it, and both he and his sister were enrolled that fall. Mrs. Stanton feels extremely blessed to have her children at Ridgeview. She especially appreciates the dedication and knowledge of the teachers and the small, close-knit community that has allowed all of her children to flourish. Contrary to her assumptions before visiting, Ridgeview has proven to be a school that encourages creativity and reflection as well as academic excellence.

Before being appointed to the Board, Mrs. Stanton served on Ridgeview’s School Accountability Committee and on the Election Committee. Her favorite way to volunteer at Ridgeview, however, is helping with elementary reading groups each week. She loves to hear the children’s stories and see their progress throughout the year. She also enjoys regularly attending the parent reading groups.

Mrs. Stanton is honored to serve on the Board and is dedicated to helping Ridgeview continue to provide an extraordinary education to its students.

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