Secretary, Mr. Rutherford

Mr. Ian Rutherford has been living in Colorado since third grade and his family goes back several generations ranching and mining in northwestern Colorado.

He attended the University of Dallas where he met his wife, Paula, and found a love of classical education. His mother wrote several study guides for high school classical literature and he saw how his siblings benefited from a classical homeschooling education.

After graduating from college, Mr. Rutherford worked for several years in computer network support and ecommerce development before starting his own ecommerce and brick-and-mortar Catholic store. Currently, Mr. Rutherford is the CEO of Aquinas and More, an on-line store and distribution center in Fort Collins.

When the Rutherfords prepared to move to Fort Collins in 2014, they had expected to continue homeschooling their eleven children. After attending an open house at RCS, the Rutherfords decided to try out the school for a year. The quality of the education, teachers and students at the school, the focus on character and the extracurricular opportunities convinced them very quickly that Ridgeview was going to be their school for a long time to come.

Their oldest child graduated in 2018 and their youngest will be in the class of 2034. They currently have nine other children attending the school and participating in choir, athletics, student council, student ambassadors, plays and musicals.

Mr. Rutherford enjoys volunteering at the school, helping out with reading groups for younger children and chaperoning upper school class trips.

S. Ferrieri