Vice President, Mr. Trosper

Mr. Kelly Trosper has been a part of the RCS community for over ten years. Growing up, he had an opportunity to live in nearly every corner of the United States.

An appreciation for the western lifestyle brought Mr. Trosper back to Colorado to start his independent life in Fort Collins, where he ultimately pursued a career in Information Technology.

Mr. Trosper is married and has three sons. His eldest graduated from Ridgeview in 2010, though there was a time when that outcome was very much in question. After four very tough, influential years at RCS and 7 years post-graduation, he will tell you that the school’s environment, classical curriculum, and focus on character made all the difference in his life.

Mr. Trosper’s two younger sons, having been prepared well by their elementary teachers for the rigors of the upper school workload and advanced classical curriculum, are now working their way through high school. Mr. Trosper is pleased with their academic progress and, although their journey will never end, is especially grateful that both are developing into good young men.

Volunteering his spare time to Ridgeview is a priority of Mr. Trosper’s. However, when his schedule allows, he enjoys woodworking, working on vehicles with his sons, hunting, fishing, camping and RVing with his family, and he loves to run. He satisfies his natural curiosities and love of learning through reading. When he’s not working to keep up with his sons’ classical readings, he enjoys searching for answers in philosophical works or self-educating in health, nutrition and metabolism.

He is thankful for all those who have come before him that have made RCS possible. He is deeply honored to serve on the Board and will work to defend and conserve what has been built here so that other families might benefit from its existence for years to come. He looks forward to furthering the mission of RCS and will work to assist and enable the administration, staff, and teachers as they continue their important work.

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