Mrs. Becker

Where were you born and where have you lived?

I was born in Carol Stream, IL (a suburb of Chicago). I moved to Farmington, Maine for college and stayed there for two years after school. I spent a year living in Dorchester, MA (part of the city of Boston... go Patriots). I then did two years in purgatory, also known as Jackson, Mississippi. My family moved to central PA in 2004 and I lived there until I moved to Fort Collins, CO.

Where did you attend university or college?

I attended the University of Maine at Farmington for my undergrad and then completed some work on a Master's degree at Lebanon Valley College in PA.

What kind of reading do you most enjoy doing?

I love reading popular science books that talk about the history of science. Some of my favorites in this category are The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson, The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lax by Rebecca Skloot. I also love reading anything written by Jon Krakauer, especially Into the Wild and Into Thin Air.

What are the small essentials that make life more comfortable?

Coffee, exercise, my family, friendship, good food, and a good book... not necessarily in that order.

What are your favorite snacks?

Salt and Vinegar Chips, Hummus, Cheese and Crackers, Honey Crisp Apples

What do you do to unwind?

I love reading a good book on my back porch, going for a walk with my husband and pup, playing games with my kids, and going for a long bike ride.

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