Mrs. Wilcox

Where were you born and where have you lived?

I was born in Lichtenfels, Germany, and I had lived in Germany and Virginia before making my way up the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Boulder and now Fort Collins.

Where did you attend university or college?

I completed my undergraduate studies at CU, Boulder and CSU, Fort Collins, and my graduate studies at CSU as well.

What kind of reading do you most enjoy doing?

I mostly enjoy reading mystery novels and the majority of the books I read are in German.

What are the small essentials that make life more comfortable?

The small essentials that make life more comfortable are snuggling with my kids, coffee, good music, and stimulating conversation.

What are your favorite snacks?

My favorite snacks are chocolate and tortilla chips.

What do you do to unwind?

I either listen to music or read a good book to unwind.

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