Mrs. Van Dusen

Where were you born and where have you lived?

Born in Billings, Montana. I lived 30 years in Sterling, Colorado and 6.5 years in Midland, Texas and now in Ft. Collins.

Where did you attend university or college?

I have BA in Christian Education from Freedom Bible College.

What kind of reading do you most enjoy doing?

My favorite genre is Historical Fiction. One of my favorite books in that genre is Loving Soren by Caroline O'neil about the life of Soren Kierkergaard. Other favorite books: Tarzan of the Apes, The Hobbit and Peyton Place. Currently reading: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

What are the small essentials that make life more comfortable?

I don't like to be too busy in my life, so, time to breathe is important to me. Also, I am a WHOLE food, REAL food enthusiast, so, really good food is essential to a comfortable life. Also, chocolate. Chocolate everyday. And, rich, dark, strong coffee.

What are your favorite snacks?

Cheese & crackers (really good cheese, though, like Brie or smoked Gouda), bing cherries, and any sort of dark chocolate.

What do you do to unwind?

I like to unwind by crocheting, spending time with my grand children, and going to thrift stores with my husband.

How could a parent volunteer help you most?

A parent volunteer could help me most by filing documents or organizing the clothing donations.

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