Getting Started

“Nearly a decade and a half ago, the founders of Ridgeview set out on an experiment as much for the benefit of their own children as for the preservation and betterment of their country. It was an experiment not in the sense that they were willing to sacrifice a generation of students, but in the sense that they sought to deviate from the progressivism that was not working in favor of the traditionalism that had.”
— Mr. Anderson

Start Your Journey

+ Submit an Inquiry

Submitting an inquiry is the first step to becoming a Hoplite. This key step lets us know you are interested and allows us to reach out to provide you with additional information and assistance.

+ Visit Us

Want an inside look in to the average day in the life of a Ridgeview Student? Ask about our Shadow program for your prospective student. Your family is also welcome to take a one-on-one tour throughout the year. Please contact the Admissions Coordinator to schedule your tour.

+ Attend An Informational Meeting

Join us for an informational meeting (a required component of the Ridgeview application process) to learn more about the culture and academic expectations of Ridgeview Classical Schools. Meetings are held on-campus at 7pm, unless otherwise noted.

+ Listen In (To Hoplite Radio)

Wondering what we think about our school? Listen to Hoplite Radio, our podcast where we interview our faculty, students, alumni, and parents to capture an inside look of the life-long impact Ridgeview offers.

+ Hear Student Voices

Ridgeview's community-authored blog, Hoplite Insights, provides a unique view of the Ridgeview experience from the eyes of our students and alumni.