A Positive Start

Friday October 20th was the last day of first quarter! We made it this far!

The first few weeks of school are usually filled with entertaining conversations about fun summer happenings. There are always stories of the trips students and their families enjoyed. Memories of hiking and camping run through students' minds. Friends that were not able to see each other often catch up. A new energy radiates from the school. Most students are refreshed and ready to face another school year.

In the past, many students complained about homework or school. Those students would not attend fun events like Back to the Barracks or Homecoming. If they did, they would only point out the flaws and complain about how “lame” it was compared to other schools’ events. Those students created a negative atmosphere that clashed with the energy of the other students.  

This year is dramatically different. Even though the classes are smaller and the hallways are a bit easier to get through, the positive energy from the students is encouraging. Most of the students who carried around an air of contempt left and took their negativity with them. The students who remain are happy and excited to be here.

As you walk into a classroom or club meeting, you can tell the students want to be there. They didn’t sign up because of the title or addition to their résumé. The students participating genuinely want to learn and get as much as they can from “the Ridgeview experience.” This year, many more students are participating in activities they normally would not have. Not only are students joining clubs that new teachers created, but students are involving themselves with past clubs or committees.  

School spirit has also increased. This was evident during Spirit Week. Many students dressed up and enjoyed seeing each other's crazy costumes. 

Attendance at events has also increased. Personally, I have heard mostly positive feedback from people about events like Back to the Barracks, Homecoming, the Senior Host Freshman night, and even the fall concerts.  

First quarter was a success. The new teachers have integrated themselves well. The students have stayed positive and have kept open minds.

At the beginning of this school year, there were a lot of unknowns. People were not sure how well the year would go. First quarter has shown that Ridgeview is better than ever and can continue to thrive!

Kelsey W.