Fun in the Sun...or Snow

It is widely known that Ridgeview offers many trips for its students; in fact, some even say that it is one of Ridgeview's defining characteristics. Most prominent among these are the annual class trips, which take place in the summer. From camping to caving, and even paintball, the Ridgeview staff makes sure that their students stay occupied over the summer. Not only are these trips always a blast, but they also provide the ideal environments for new relationships to be forged. Through these trips, students really get a chance to bond with each other and with their teachers too.

Ridgeview also has a slew of trips during the school year as well, including those for the Student Ambassadors and members of Student Council. This month, Ridgeview's Student Council went snowshoeing in the Gould area. We stayed in yurts, and we went on two snowshoeing hikes (including one up Montgomery Pass). Personally, it was one of the best Ridgeview trips I have ever been on! Next week, I get to have yet another Ridgeview adventure on the Student Ambassador ice-climbing trip, during which we will climb up a frozen waterfall! The staff at Ridgeview sure knows how to keep us active, and not just with homework.

These trips, of course, are fairly adventurous, but they are also educational. For example, over the summer, the Student Ambassadors went on a wilderness first-aid trip where we learned the basics of wilderness survival and trauma care. The Sophomore class went caving last summer, where they not only got a spectacular first-hand experience of cave exploration, but also learned about the cave's history and geology. All-in-all, these trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. What will your next adventure be?

Ethan B.Activities