Our Fearless Seniors

We, as Ridgeview students, have finally entered into the dreaded fourth quarter. I say "dreaded" because this final quarter is riddled with painstaking cumulative finals, long and comprehensive essays, and, above all, the beloved, yet infamous senior theses, the crowning achievements of all Ridgeview graduates. These theses are 20 pages (give or take) packed with unique ideas, meaningful tales, and plenty of analysis and examination of Ridgeview readings, all answering a question that makes every Ridgeview Hoplite cringe and cower: "What is the Good Life?" By now, every senior has answered, in their own fascinatingly unique way, this daunting question. Indeed, merely an attempt at an answer is overwhelming, yet nonetheless the class of 2018 has faced this challenge with such astonishing vigor and bravery that they have raised the bar for future senior classes. They have, I trust, made every one of their advisors proud.

As if those 20 pages were not enough, the seniors are now tasked with pouring even more of their blood, sweat, and tears into a 40-minute presentation that they will give in front of the school. Equipped with nothing more than a few note cards, the seniors will rise to the lectern and present their unique version of the Good Life in front of their classmates, who have their own ideas on the Good Life, ideas that are necessarily different from everyone else. What is more, their teachers, advisors, and the principal himself will attend the presentation and ask whatever questions they see fit (keep in mind, they have thought about this question too, and for much longer than our senior class has). It is an incredibly difficult, unnerving, and intimidating experience, but our seniors will face it with a resolute bravery that is to be envied. No matter what, we will be proud of them.

We wish you luck and congratulations!

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Ethan B.