Post-Solstice Solace Recap

The Post Solstice Solace was at High Peak Camp in Estes Park this year. The weather was beautiful for sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, snow shoeing, and talking with friends. Many started off the morning by sledding down the snow hill or ice skating on the pond. Later, we ate some delicious Nordic food including meatballs, soup, and dessert. After lunch, one group went on an enjoyable snowshoe trip around the camp. We enjoyed hot chocolate and other hot drinks together to warm up from the cold.

Ridgeview's ability to put on events such as the Post Solstice Solace is just one reason why Ridgeview is so special. A school taking a day off to spend together in the Rocky Mountains cannot be found elsewhere. Overall, the Post Solstice Solace was an exciting day spent together with friends in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Alison S.