The Safest Day of the Year

On Monday October 2, Ridgeview hosted First Responders' Day.  This event is fun and knowledgeable for everyone. We were able to honor the people who dedicate their time and energy protecting others out of the goodness of their hearts.

During this event, the parking lot is filled with different vehicles that the first responders use. Unfortunately, this year it rained so there was no helicopter to explore. However, Homeland Security, the SWAT team, Poudre Fire Authority, Larimer County Dive Rescue Team, Colorado State Patrol, Sheriff, and others were all present.  The entire school community was able to visit each station and question the First Responders.

The first responders deserve to be honored because of the work they do. They are willing to risk themselves to save others; they sacrifice their time for others. These people do not go to work every day because it’s their job; these people genuinely love helping others and want to protect our community.

After questioning the first responders, I found that they all wanted to be at Ridgeview on this day in order to educate us in helping them. The more they share about staying safe, the more effective they will be in an emergency. The best way to prepare the next generation in safety is to bring their equipment and stories and to share them.

First responders are normal people. They have the same emotions as everyone else. They get angry and sad. They cry. They laugh. The only difference is their job. They are willing to do what most people would be afraid to do.  Most of the first responders had wanted to do these jobs since they were children. They always strove to help others. Because of their careers, they face different difficulties than the average person. They are faced with danger and fear, but persevere through it for the sake of others. First responders do not win every battle. Sometimes, lives are lost. It takes a different type of courage to continue in the face of tragedy, when the job becomes stressful and emotional. First responders do not let their fear and emotions interfere with their work, as they must serve as a leader when the average person is confused or frightened.

We honor these men and women because of the lives they lead.  They set an example for all us to follow. They demonstrate courage, integrity, perseverance, honesty, and other Ridgeview pillars. They represent what Ridgeview tries to teach its students each day.

Alison S.