College Advising

The College Advising Office exists to support students in determining their post-Ridgeview plans. While we realize that not every student will go to college (or perhaps not immediately), we offer each student the guidance and resources to pursue a college education. In this, our mission is not to make sure students get into the "best schools", but rather to encourage them to find a college that is the right fit for them. Finally, we see it as our responsibility to give colleges a complete and honest picture of a student's experience at RCS.

While all students and parents are welcome to use the office's resources and meet with college advisors, the formal process does not start until January of junior year. At this time, each student is assigned a college advisor who will meet with the student to discuss post-Ridgeview plans, offer suggestions of resources or schools to investigate, assist with application essays and write letters of recommendation. The Advising Office Administrator provides information and support through- out the application process, including application paperwork, dates of SAT/ACT testing, local college fairs, etc. College advising is just what it indicates - advice. It is up to each student to develop a plan for applying to colleges. Advisors are here to offer advice, help define goals and direction, suggest resources, and discuss options. No one will make the decisions but the student and his or her parents.

We believe that financing a college education is a matter for the student and parents to handle. Thus our office does not offer official advice on seeking or evaluating financial aid packages. Please note that Ridgeview Classical Schools does not endorse or guarantee any of the financial aid information offered in this handbook. Students and families should carefully research financing a college education on their own.

Click here to download a .pdf copy of the 2016-17 Advising Handbook: HANDBOOK
Click here to see the Advisory Library Resources (books) available in the Advising Office: RESOURCES
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Request A Transcript

Please click here to download a transcript request form. Your transcript request form and payment of $4.00 may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Ann Dixon, College Advising Office

Ridgeview Classical Schools

1800 S. Lemay Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Alternatively you may email your transcript request form and call our front office at 970.494.4620 to complete your payment over the phone.

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