Elementary School

Ridgeview's Elementary School encompasses Kindergarten through 6th grade. There are two classes per grade from K-5, and three 6th grade classes. Our rigorous curriculum still leaves plenty of room for play and curiosity. Music, fine arts, and physical education are an integral part of the daily life of an elementary Hoplite. We also have a variety of extra-curricular activities for our younger students, including a special upper elementary choir, Canta Lucis.

Elementary Highlights

Character Pillars

Our students begin learning about the Character pillars in Kindergarten. Discussions about citizenship, cooperation, responsibility, integrity, respect, perseverance, and courage figure into a variety of lessons throughout the year.

Phonics-based Reading

Ridgeview emphasizes a phonics-based approach to teach our younger students how to read.

Language Learning

Our phonics-based approach is paired with a rigorous Latin program that begins in Kindergarten. In the third grade, our students also begin to learn Greek.

Core Knowledge

Much of our elementary curriculum is a modified version of the Core Knowledge sequence. This builds the foundation for the classical, liberal arts curriculum in the high school.

Ability-Grouped Mathematics

Beginning in the elementary grades, our students are ability grouped in mathematics to allow them to work at the highest level at which they can succeed.

Fun-Filled Activities

There are a myriad of academic and social activities for our younger students throughout the year. These include: Kindergarten Poetry Recitation Day, the Second Grade Wax Museum, class curriculum parties, Trick or Treat Street, the annual third grade Alice in Wonderland performance, Young Aristotle, and more.

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