High School

Ridgeview's High School (also referred to as the Upper School) encompasses grades 9-12. Course offerings and student activities continue to expand in the high school. Our Arts program shines as students become more skilled instrumentalists, dancers, vocalists, and artists. While our curriculum is rigorous, our students find plenty of time for recreation and community building through clubs, student organizations, and other activities.

Upper School Highlights

Summer Trips

Each summer, students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to attend class trips. These trips take students across Colorado to teach new skills and foster friendships. Previous trips have included: caving, climbing 14-ers, and completing the ropes course at Pingree Park.

Community Events

There are a number of fun events held each months for our high school students to enjoy. These include: movie nights, dances, field trips, Back to the Barracks, the Senior Lock In, Prom, and other community-wide events (such as the Turkey Shoot, Post Solstice Solace, and Valborgsmassoafton).


From the Fall Play to the RCS Follies, with a myriad of concerts in between, there are a number of opportunities for our students to share their creative skills.


High School students are invited to present in our weekly Colloquium. Students may present their research on a topic of their choosing to an audience of their peers and teachers.

College Preparation

While Ridgeview expects students to excel on tests such as the ACT and SAT, faculty do not explicitly teach to the test. Ridgeview offers many AP course and students are encouraged to take them.

The Senior Thesis: A Ridgeview Tradition

Ridgeview is not preparation for college, but preparation for life. The value of a genuine education can be determined by how well the recipient is prepared to flourish rather than endure mundane, vocational training. In answering the question, “What is essential to the good life?” students explore how they might choose to conduct their lives with intelligence and virtue. A single question yields a kaleidoscopic diversity of answers. Over the course of the year, students work with their advisors from September through April to read important texts, discuss ideas, answer potential challenges, and review drafts of their work. By April, students will have submitted an essay that is 7,000 words in length and defended their thesis to their fellow students, teachers, family, and friends. It is a fitting capstone experience for students who have undertaken a genuinely classical, liberal arts education.

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