Mock Trial Wrap-Up

Ridgeview’s Mock Trial teams recently competed at the regional competition held here in Fort Collins. While both teams performed phenomenally, only the A Team will proceed to the state competition this year.

Mock Trial has been a great opportunity for students to learn the rules of evidence and put together a case as real lawyers would. Lawyers prepare opening statements, direct questions, cross examination questions, and a closing argument. Lawyers also study the rules of evidence so that they are able to make objections at the right time, as well as respond to objections made by the opposing team. Witnesses become their character and learn their character’s witness affidavit, and also try to anticipate what questions they will be asked on cross. At the competition, the case that is presented is treated as if it were a real court proceeding. Not only is Mock Trial a great learning opportunity, it provides much appreciated time to bond with classmates.

Ridgeview’s ability to have so many extra-curriculars, such as Mock Trial, Science Bowl, and a chess team that all compete at high levels, even in competitions without school size divisions, is amazing.  These activities make Ridgeview so special.

Alison S.Activities