Science Olympiad State Results

Congratulations to Ridgeview's first Science Olympiad team, which competed in the state tournament on Saturday, April 27 with 63 other teams in two divisions. 

The team placed in the top half overall, with Cora W.B. and Saisha M. earning bronze medals in Crime Busters (Chemistry), Alexander M. and Parker M. taking bronze in Road Scholar, Cora and Saisha placing 4th in Disease Detectives, Sam M. and Daegan T. placing 7th in Herpetology, Alexander and Moriah M. placing 10th in Water Quality, and Joseph Z. and Andrew B. placing 11th in Battery Buggy.  Lydia H. and Alayna T.'s temperature estimate for Thermodynamics was within 0.2 degrees of their homemade thermos's actual result, and Gemma B. and Alayna achieved their season goal of finishing a complete 3-part Scratch programming project within the time limit of 50 minutes. Yasin H. was MVP for taking on three new events and working hard to study and motivate his teammates. 

Many thanks to Kelly Mundorff for putting in a 12-hour day driving and serving as our official volunteer, and to Habib Anwar for helping walk students to events.  Many thanks also to Paul Thayer for coaching Dynamic Planet (Glaciers), Mrs. Becker for coaching Water Quality, Mrs. Stephens for coaching Experimental Design, and Dr. Bevill for coaching Anatomy. 

What a fabulous first season! 

From your team coaches,

K. Karppinen and R. Watkins.