Our recent break gave us thunderstorms, the last of the year's super moons, and the spring equinox. Ridgeview endeavors to welcome each of the seasons, and we welcome spring with our unique rendition of the Swedish holiday Valborgsmässoafton on Saturday, March 30 at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Loveland.

This was a popular event last year, and we enjoyed watching students, young and old, paint their faces blue, dance around the fires, sing Swedish songs, and toast one another with cider. Of course, they did much else besides this. They competed with one another by throwing axes and javelins, shooting arrows, rock climbing, and ultimately, running an obstacle course lit only by a periodic torch and their headlamps. At the end of the event, our Hoplites were joyously filthy: covered in dust, mud, and ash. They were also exhausted – merrily so, and what a way to welcome spring.

We encourage you to join us. There will be food and drinks for everyone, and even those who do not wish to run the course, can cheer on those who do and take in the spectacle of what we've come to simply call Valborg. Tickets are available online for the race and dinner. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

D. Anderson