Good Will Towards All

Comments made during the parent weekly reading groups and the Principal’s Coffee last Friday raise important questions about how Ridgeview can promote itself.

In reading groups, one witnesses one of two encounters with the texts. A text, having been chosen for another, is considered critically. One of two attitudes emerge. The first seeks fault, error, and inarticulacy – it seeks to condemn, dismiss, or ridicule. The second attitude presumes that there is some good worth finding, something redemptive, illuminating, and edifying. To one frame of mind, criticism means negativity; to the other, appreciation. None but the most oafish participant is wholly of one attitude or the other: most intelligent people exhibit aspects of both of these attitudes.  

What has become clear in numerous Principal’s Coffees is that people have much the same response to their experiences with Ridgeview. Most of the parents in attendance believe that their experiences with Ridgeview have been, on the whole, very positive; however, unlike the reading groups, we do not typically create forums to explicitly come together to tell one another what we are impressed with, moved by, and appreciative of. We keep the positive things to ourselves; but, it is the point of this Perspective to encourage those who feel their life has been made better in some way by Ridgeview to share that experience with others.

There are a number of outlets available through which to do this. One can talk with friends, neighbors, parishioners, colleagues, and fellow congregants about the good being done here. One can write a review on one of the numerous social media sites and potentially better the lives of complete strangers. One can befriend one of our new families and help them find their way, avoid common frustrations and pitfalls, and help to build and strengthen our community.

To say something kind, generous, or good is not to hide the less pleasant aspects of an experience; instead, it is to choose which attitude we will face the world with. What about this experience is good? What about it is true? How can our experience improve another’s life? With good will towards all, we invite you to share the best of your experiences with other parents and complete strangers and let the good that Ridgeview has done for you and your family, be done for others.

Mr. Anderson