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The Arts at Ridgeview

Ridgeview has a thriving arts program, composed of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and more.

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Ridgeview has a robust music program composed of vocal performance, orchestra, band, and several ensembles.

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There is nothing as classical as drama! From ancient Greek tragedies to modern American musicals, the drama club at Ridgeview works to present the best possible shows. Ridgeview students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to perform in a fall play and spring musical. Students involved in performances act, sing, dance, build, paint and sew. They also learn team work, responsibility, and create lifelong memories for themselves, their friends, and the Ridgeview community.

Visual Arts

Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. At Ridgeview, we seek to understand the interconnectedness of Art with other disciplines, uncovering parallels between art and history, science, music, literature, economics, philosophy, and culture. We ask the questions: “What is Art?”, “What compels artists to create Art?”, and “What is the function of Art?” Furthermore, students at Ridgeview are given the opportunity to explore a broad range of media and methods. Studio assignments are directed towards interpreting and expressing our ideas inspired by great works of Art throughout the ages. While much of our studio practice involves the development of visual acuity by working from direct observation, we encourage the imagination, and honor creative problem solving.

The Madrigal Choir

The Madrigal Choir is a long standing, beloved musical tradition at Ridgeview. Students spend months rehearsing and preparing for the annual Madrigal Dinner and performance held each January.


Ridgeview has a unique and outstanding dance program. Many students take dance classes with Mr. Halseide, and social dance is a common sight during events throughout the year.

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