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Vision Statement

It is the philosophy of the Ridgeview Classical Schools that all students benefit from a rigorous, content-rich, educational program that develops academic potential and personal character. The school will provide an environment that fosters academic excellence through the habit of thoroughness, the willingness to work, and the perseverance to complete difficult tasks. Through a defined traditional, classical-liberal curriculum students will be prepared to become active, responsible members of their community.

Students of the Quarter

Our final student of the quarter for the year is a young man of many abilities. Others have known him far better than I have, but they have been clear in their praises. As a singer, as an athlete, as a friend. I have tried to think of some instance in which I heard someone say something disparaging about him, or allude to some dirt they might have on him, and I can think of nothing. His senior thesis made me think about attention, focus, and flow for the past month, and I appreciate his congeniality, affability, and good cheer. Please join me in congratulating Mr. Logan Broedner.

Our final middle school student of the quarter this year is a young lady who is well-read and always polite. She is a hard worker who understands the value of persistence and perseverance. She has taken seriously the challenge Ridgeview poses to all of its students, whether by virtue of its academic rigor or the moral challenge posed by living up to its character pillars. She takes herself seriously, and she thinks seriously about others. It is my pleasure to announce Anne Rutherford as our student of the quarter.

Previous Students of the Quarter

High School

High School Students of the Quarter

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
2016-17Grace WestfallAudrey TsoiAustin SchmidbergerLogan Broedner
2015-16 Blake Salvador
Katlynne Van Eaton
George Smith
Corinne Muller
2014-15 Chris Herndon
Samantha Muller Quincy Van Maren Luke Stephens
2013-14 Remy Ponce-Pore
Zach Prevedel
LauraAnn Schmidberger
Rebecca Salter
2012-13 Aiden Van Maren Akshay Nagendra Amanda Evans
Akshay Kumar
2011-12 Jon Karr Nate Zbacnik Michaela Koretko Jasmine Throckmorton
2010-11 Michael Noller Jordan Leone Ariel Hoffman Kendall Heyliger
2009-10 Kaleb Roush Leslie Fowler Aida & Messay Ibrahim Helen Patterson
2008-09 Cameron Heyliger Emma Zawacki Kaleb Roush David Chiavetta
2007-08 Lexi Tsoi Kristen Schunter Jacob Fleming Emma Zawacki
Candice Niquette
Sarah Erthal
Kristen Schunter
Justin Schaffer
Kristin Dean
Katarina Wyns
Budi Waskita
Luke Heyliger
Chad Wallace
Danielle Dubler
Jennie Tillson
Kristen Ruckman
Paul Provencher

Timothy Wong

Kristin Dean
Jennie Tillson
2002-03 Matthias Schulz Kathryn Wilson
Paul Provencher
Danielle Dubler
J. Emrys Van Maren
Paul Provencher
Izzy May
Sarajean Wright

Middle School

Middle School Students of the Quarter

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
2016-17Bethany TafoyaSophia SchuemannHannah HarlingTBD

Andrew Rutherford

Haddie Baugh
Theresa Zugish
Ryan Mantey
2014-15 Brooke Prevedel Logan Mohr Alison Simpson Rachel Masters
2013-14 Eunice Chen Sarah Carvalho Anna Calderon Esther Malers
2012-13 Grace Westfall Logan Broedner Sarah Budai
Roshini Narayanan
2011-12 Alyssa Jhones Antonio Calderon Rachel Rairdon Jordan Grant
2010-11 Mohini Tangri Samantha Muller Max Watrous Elizabeth Chen
2009-10 Eva O'Donovan . Alexander Horne LauraAnn Schmidberger Caleb Jhones
2008-09 Aidan Van Maren Akshay Nagendra Hyatt Vincent Amanda Evans
2007-08 Kylie Baker Brendan Murphy Morgan Lilley Nathan Sharp
Laird McNeil
Michaela Koretko
Jasmine Throckmorton
Carsten Peterson
Matt Maciejewski
Brandon Sobotka
Judy Kim
Mitchell Sams
Emma Zawacki
Lillian Tseng
Judy Kim
Helen Patterson
Emma Zawacki
Alexandra Tsoi
Emma Zawacki
Hannah Carvalho
Lily Chaffee
Molly Gutcher
Alexandra Tsoi
Jake Joseph
2001-02 Candice Niquette
Taelor Coyle
Josh Carvalho
Ruth Wagner
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