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Volunteer Information

For questions about volunteering at Ridgeview Classical Schools, please contact the school or our Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Patawaran.

Updating Contact Information

If you have moved or changed any of your contact information, please DO NOT register online with Verified Volunteers. You may e-mail updated contact information to the front office or the Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Patawaran.

Registering to Volunteer

Every Ridgeview volunteer needs to have had a previous background check with PSD or, if new to the school, register with Verified Volunteers before they will be allowed to check into the school to volunteer. RCS is now responsible to pay for each background check performed, so if you think you have already registered and received a clearance with PSD, please check with the Volunteer Coordinator before applying with Verified Volunteers.

Please register by:

  1. Completing an application with Verified Volunteers.
  2. Reviewing and signing a Ridgeview Volunteer/Confidentiality Agreement found below. These agreements are available at the front office or volunteer desk at RCS. Once signed, please return it to the RCS front desk with your picture ID available for verification.

Once you have completed an online volunteer application, you will receive an e-mail from Verified Volunteers that your application is in progress. The application process can take up to seven business days. After you are approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Verified Volunteers outlining any necessary steps to be taken to complete the process.

Communications regarding volunteer opportunities appear regularly in The Nuntius and you will receive announcements from the Volunteer Coordinator and your particular Classroom Volunteer Coordinator. If there are specific areas in which you would like to volunteer and cannot find information, please feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Your Volunteer Time Counts – Please Log your Hours

Thank you for all the great volunteer efforts you have made on behalf of Ridgeview Classical Schools. Your time is not only greatly appreciated but is also reported to Poudre School district. The number of volunteer hours demonstrates just how wonderful our volunteers are here at RCS. You can log those hours here or email Mrs. Patawaran with the hours and date that you volunteered.

Click here to download the RCS Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

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