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If you are like me at all, the longer you are away, the harder you find it to return. Your school, at this point in your life and likely for some time to come, is essentially your job.


Students who work at an arduous curriculum within an environment that actively discourages grade inflation should have confidence that that work will be rewarded.


... We see all of this and we are proud, and we are relieved because it means that our paternalistic care for you may one day end, that we will have worked ourselves out of a job as concerns you, and that you will have grown beyond need of us....


...If we are successful, a paradigm that emphasizes openness and respect for intellectual and academic engagement has been built that our students will refer to throughout their lives....


...but a country without a population willing to serve forfeits if not its right, at least the likelihood, that it will continue to exist. If nothing else, the willingness of some to serve makes possible the idealistic notions of the millions who do not....


... It is my contention that we spend too much of our brief time together discussing information that can be gleaned in more efficient ways and too little delving into the content that is displacing ignorance in our children's minds....


...Events such as our Science Day emphasize what it is that we mean by liberal arts. We saw the sciences and the humanities enter into conversation and overcome Snow's complaint of two cultures divorced from one another....

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Go Broncos

CONGRATULATIONS to the Denver Broncos ...

Super Bowl 50 Champions!

In honor and in celebration of their victory, ALL students, teachers, and staff will be permitted to wear jeans along with their Bronco gear tomorrow (2/8/16). Please help us pass the word.


Ridgeview Day and Gala!

You are cordially invited to attend

Ridgeview Day

Saturday, February 27th

Morning Event: An in-depth look at Ridgeview for prospective students and their parents, 9am - 1pm at RCS. A complimentary lunch will be served. If you know a prospective student who would be interested in attending with their family, please contact Mrs. Long at

Evening Event: A fundraising gala for RCS parents and faculty - 170 exclusive tickets will be available for this formal event, which will include hors d'oeuvres, drinks, dinner, and a silent auction from 5:30pm - 12:00midnight at the Mainline Ale House in downtown Fort Collins. If you are interested in attending the gala, please contact Mrs. Long at