Character Pillars

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Cooperation | CONVIVENTIA

I recognize that I am engaged in an endeavor to develop my character and intellect, which I must pursue with a purpose while recognizing that others are integral to my success in this.

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Citizenship | civitas

I recognize that I am a member of an established community and will practice my rights, duties, and privileges in such a way as to uphold and preserve the benefits of citizenship for others.

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Courage | fortitudo

I recognize that this endeavor will require a disposition characterized by nobility and valor; to make hard decisions with a view to virtue rather than popularity, to justice rather than ease, and to magnanimity rather than self-regard.

Perseverance | Constantia

I recognize that no great thing is achieved without great effort, and that constancy, tenacity, and resolve are the handmaidens to success in an endeavor shared with my fellow.

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Honesty | PROBITAS

I recognize that honorable behavior requires that I will behave with forthrightness in my thoughts, words, and deeds even when I myself am not treated in such a way.

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Integrity | Integritas

I recognize the imperativeness of conducting myself in a manner that is beyond reproach in matters intellectual and moral, and that myrelations with others must be upright and sincere.

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Respect | Honor

I recognize that my fellows are worthy of my esteem, consideration, courtesy, and charity; that for me to be appreciated requires that I appreciate others.

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Responsibility | Officium

I recognize that I am, in my relations with others, accountable for my actions and utterances; that circumstances will not sway me nor excuses vindicate me in conduct that is unbecoming of a person of good character.