Shadow Visits at Ridgeview

When deciding whether Ridgeview is the right fit for your child, shadowing can be an invaluable tool in helping to make your decision. Shadowing allows your child to get a glimpse of our program and to experience the unique culture that exits within Ridgeview. This visit typically follows a parent's attendance at an Informational Meeting, and allows the prospective student to live out a “day in the life” of a Ridgeview student.

+ Who is eligible to make a shadow visit?

Ridgeview provides opportunities for shadow visits to prospective students of all grades. Those who are considering joining Ridgeview in the lower grades are welcome to spend some time in our classrooms in the company of a parent, and those who will be entering the 6th -12th grade are welcome to spend all or part of a day with us, shadowing one of our Student Ambassadors.

+ When can I schedule a shadow visit?

Once parents have attended an Informational Meeting and have decided to pursue admissions to Ridgeview, a shadow visit is a good way of determining whether Ridgeview is well aligned with their family‘s educational goals and values. We request that all families who are interested in having their child shadow make arrangements through the Admissions Office one week in advance of their visit.

+ When and where will the shadow visit begin?

For the lower grades, it is often advisable to begin a shadow visit after the parking lot has cleared of morning drop-off traffic (around 8:00). For the upper grades, shadows work best on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays (Wednesdays and Thursdays are block days). We would ask upper school students to be at the school by 7:15 in the morning in order to give them plenty of time to meet their Student Ambassadors and to get to their rooms for the 7:30am class start time. All visitors should sign in at the front desk, and then meet in the Admissions Office.

+ What should my child wear for the shadow visit?

We encourage all shadowing students to dress in comfortable, modest attire. For the lower school we suggest wearing a solid polo shirt with navy or khaki pants. Upper school students should wear conservative clothing (i.e., khakis’ and a polo/oxford shirt - no logos or t-shirts, and denim is not allowed).

+ What is included in the shadow visit?

For the lower school, a parent will accompany their student as they spend time in a classroom of their current grade. Each upper school student will be accompanied by a Student Ambassador of the same gender from their current grade. They will follow that Ambassador's schedule for the duration of the school day. We ask that you pack a sack lunch for your child and that they bring along a book in case one of the scheduled classes has a test or work period. Every effort will be made to match a child with a student that shares their particular interests, including math/science, choir, orchestra/band, etc.

+ When does the shadow visit end?

For lower school, the visit can last as long as the parent thinks is appropriate – a few hours is a general average. In upper school, the shadow visit usually ends either after lunch or at 2:30, depending on the interests of the prospective student. Parents or guardians are asked to arrive at the Admissions Office at a prearranged time to meet their child, have a short debrief with our Admissions Coordinator, and to get any additional questions answered.

If you would like to schedule a shadow visit for your child, please contact the Admissions Office.