The College Advising Office

The College Advising program at Ridgeview helps all students choose a path to pursue after graduation and make decisions best suited to their unique interests. Our students graduate prepared to thrive in a variety of colleges and universities. Ridgeview's graduates of the past five years have gone on to attend college at 69 different institutions in 31 states, as well as two other countries.

The College Advising Office focuses on helping students find the schools that best fit their individual needs. We begin offering parent information sessions when students are in eighth grade, and we offer student programming beginning in ninth grade. While all students and parents are welcome to use the office's resources and meet with college advisors, the formal process begins during the junior year. At that time, each student is assigned a college advisor who will meet with the student to discuss post-Ridgeview plans, offer suggestions of resources and schools to investigate, assist with application essays and write letters of recommendation. The College Advising Office provides information and support throughout the application process, including application paperwork, dates of SAT/ACT testing, local college fairs, etc.

College Advising support at Ridgeview includes:

  • Guidance in Grades 10-11 (and earlier if desired) about course selection and standardized testing.

  • An optional course on the college and career search offered to juniors and, occasionally, seniors.

  • On-Campus college visits that are open to students and parents, as well as information about area college fairs .

  • Informational events such as presentations for parents of juniors, parents of seniors, and parents of younger students, as well as topical presentations and meetings for students throughout the year.

  • Individual college counseling meetings with students and parents, beginning in the junior year and continuing through senior year.

  • In-house test preparation for the SAT for all juniors taught by subject-area teachers and using additional SAT preparation resources .

  • Optional workshops and individual support in preparing to write the college application essay.

  • Access to Naviance in the Grade 11. Naviance is a web-based tool for tracking and organizing college application materials, researching different schools, and requesting teacher and advisor recommendations.

How Can We Help?

+ Request a Transcript

First, download a transcript request form. Your transcript request form and payment of $4.00 may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Ann Dixon, College Advising Office

Ridgeview Classical Schools

1800 S. Lemay Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Alternatively, you may email your transcript request form and call our Front Office at 970.494.4620 to complete your payment over the phone.

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Meet the Team

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Mrs. Dixon was born in Indiana and has lived all across the contiguous U.S. She earned degrees and certificates from Carleton College, University of Colorado, Harvard University, and UCLA. She enjoys spending time on the trails around Fort Collins, and loves to study American and Latin American history.



Mr. Binder is originally from Chicago and has earned degrees from Concordia University and St. John’s College. As a college advisor, he helps students find the best 'fit' in terms of college by considering the rigor, location, and campus culture of potential schools. Throughout the application process, Mr. Binder is available to provide assistance and support.


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