Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. Do you have a question that is not included here? Submit an inquiry, and we'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have.


+ What is a charter school?

A charter school is a school started by a group of individuals and is an independently run public school. We have greater flexibility in operations in return for greater accountability in performance. We wrote a charter agreement to Poudre School District (PSD), which was approved by PSD and the state of Colorado in 2001.

+ What is a classical school?

A classical education is based in the traditions of Western Culture. It provides a systematic, rigorous framework to teach the best that has been written. Teach the good, the beautiful and true, using original sources and Socratic Discussion.

+ Does Ridgeview charge tuition?

No. We are a public charter school, and therefore we are tuition-free. We are financed similarly to regular public schools, though we only get about 70% as much funding annually.

+ Do I have to living within PSD's boundaries?

No. Our school has no boundaries. We do not have buses either. You may live anywhere in the state of Colorado as long as you are willing to drive your students. We give equal preference to any address.

+ Do siblings get perference in the lottery?

Yes. If you get one of your children in our school, their siblings get preference for enrollment.

+ Why do I have to attend an info meeting?

We ask that all interested parents attend one of our informational meetings so you will understand our school before admitting your students. We hope your children stay with us for many years so we don’t want you to be surprised by anything we do when you get here.

+ What if I can't attend an info meeting?

Just let us know. We can add you to our lottery with the understanding that you will attend a meeting before your student starts school. If you still cannot make it, we can meet with you one-on-one. If you live out of the state, or outside of a reasonable driving distance to the school, you may be added to the lottery by contacting our Admissions Office.

+ Why does Ridgeview have a dress code and uniform?

We believe that wearing a uniform or dress code allows our students to realize the importance of being a good students. By dressing the part, they take their role of student seriously and are proud to be part of a larger school, not just one student in one class. Our school has a distinct culture in part due to the dress code and the respect it demands.

+ What are my chances of getting in?

Your chances of getting in depends on the grade. We have openings in the Upper School and will admit new students each year until October 1. The lower grades are harder to get into because there are more students in the lottery.

+ What are the school hours?

Elementary school is from 7:45am-2:45pm. Upper school is from 7:30am-3:00pm. We have two kindergarten classes. One class attends all day on Monday & Wednesday plus Friday morning. The second class attends all day Tuesday & Thursday plus Friday afternoon. Our summer office hours are 10:00am to 2:00pm.

+ Can I visit Ridgeview?

We welcome all visitors to Ridgeview Classical Schools. You may set an appointment or just stop by. We encourage prospective families to observe our classrooms, watch our teachers and students in action, and meet with our Admissions Coordinator to ask any questions you may have.

+ Can my child shadow a Ridgeview student?

Yes. Learn more about our Shadow Program.

+ Can my homeschool student take classes at Ridgeview?

Yes. Ridgeview offers complimentary courses for Homeschool students in grades 7-12. For more information, download our Homeschool Offerings flyer below or submit an inquiry.