The Outdoor Program

Ridgeview places an emphasis on developing a reverence of nature in our students. Through summer trips, lottery trips, Student Ambassador trips, Student Council Trips, and more, our students are provided a myriad of opportunities to get outside and explore the beauty of Colorado.

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

At the start of each summer, Ridgeview’s Student Ambassadors embark on a trip to earn their Wilderness First Aid Certification. They can then venture on class trips during the summer and academic year, equipped with a foundation of wilderness skills.

Ice Climbing Fire.jpg

Winter Survival Skills

During the winter months, our Student Ambassadors and Student Council members may take trips focused around Ice Climbing, Snow Shoeing, or Yurt experiences. Here, they learn additional skills in Colorado’s winter terrain, such as building snow shelters to keep warm.

Backpacking 2017


Many of our students will have the opportunity to experience backpacking at some point during their Ridgeview career. They will trek through Colorado or, occasionally, our neighboring states.

Nav Trip 8th grade


Ridgeview’s Eight Grade students are invited to participate in an orienteering trip in the summer. Typically occurring in Wyoming, our students learn navigation basics and test their skills through orienteering exercises.


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