Financial Transparency CO

 Financial Transparency

In accordance with C.R.S. § 22-44-301, Ridgeview Classical Schools offers the following financial information:

Our fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends June 30th. Our school uses a modified accrual accounting method for fund accounting, and our chart of accounts is provided by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). A Fund is a grouping of accounts used to maintain control over resources that have been segregated for specific activities as designated by Colorado state statute. Ridgeview uses Fund accounting to demonstrate compliance with finance related legal requirements.

Our Board of Directors reviews financial statements each month during regular Board meetings. All financial statements except the fiscal year-end financials are unaudited and have not been adopted by the Board. Unaudited financial statements are made available to the public for informational purposes only.

Ridgeview Classical Schools is required to submit a preliminary budget to Poudre School District (PSD) in May of each year. We are allowed to make revisions to that budget until January of that particular fiscal year, at which point we are required to submit a final budget to PSD. Budget revisions are adopted by the Board of Directors and the final budget is made available to the public.

The school conducts an independent financial statement audit annually. The audit report is typically completed by October for the prior fiscal year. The independent audit is presented to the Board of Directors. Once the Board has adopted the independent audit, the report is made available to the public.

Links to our current fiscal year financial information are provided below. If you have any questions regarding Ridgeview financial statements, please contact the Business Office.

Note: Charter Schools are not required to post a financial data file as the charter school's data is incorporated into the school district's posted financial data file.

Disclaimer: Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions. We welcome your questions regarding our financial transactions or records.

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+ Salary Schedules or Policies

Ridgeview Classical Schools does not have a formal salary schedule at this time.

Employment Classifications

At the time you are hired, you are classified as either faculty or staff.The faculty consists of the Administration and Teachers. All of these are salaried employees. Staff members are classified as salaried, full-time, part-time or temporary employees. Please refer to information regarding benefits eligibility to determine what, if any, benefits you are entitled to. Policies described in this Manual and communicated by the School apply to all faculty and staff. I. Faculty

A. Administrative Faculty
B. Teachers

II. Staff A. Salaried

1.Full-time (40 hours or more per week)

2.Part-time (29 hours per week or less) A. Hourly

1.Full-time (40 hours or more per week)

2.Part-time (29 hours per week or less)

After an approved leave of absence, a full-time faculty or staff member will work upon return as agreed in the provisions of the leave. Faculty and staff who work less than a regular twenty nine (29) hour work week are considered part-time.

Temporary Employees

From time to time, the School may hire faculty and staff for specific periods of time or for the completion of a specific project. An individual hired under these conditions will be considered a temporary employee. The job assignment, work schedule, and duration of the position will be determined on an individual basis. A temporary position will not exceed six (6) months in duration, unless specifically extended by a written agreement. Summer faculty and staff are considered temporary employees. Those temporary faculty and staff classified as "non-exempt" (see the definition that follows) who work more than twelve (12) hours in one day or more than forty (40) hours during any work week will receive overtime pay. All overtime work must be approved in advance by an authorized supervisor.

"Non-Exempt" and "Exempt" Faculty and Staff

On being hired, all faculty and staff are classified as either "exempt" or "non-exempt." This is necessary because, by law, employees and staff in certain types of jobs are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked in excess of twelve (12) hours per day or forty hours (40) per work week. These faculty and staff are referred to as "non-exempt" in this Manual. This means that they are not exempt from overtime pay and therefore must receive compensation for all hours worked and overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 in a work week.

Exempt faculty and staff include teachers, the Principal, various administrators, professional staff, technical staff and others whose duties and responsibilities allow them to be "exempt" from overtime pay provisions as provided by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and any applicable state laws.If you are an exempt employee, you will be advised that you are in this classification at the time you are hired, transferred, or promoted.

Poudre School District Employees You are not an employee of the Poudre School District.

Poudre School District employees who are now working for the Ridgeview Classical Schools are subject to the following conditions.Probationary certified employees and classified employees without a 6 year job guarantee will have no employment status with the District other than as Charter School employees.No district seniority or probationary status will accrue, unless approved by PSD.Continuing contract (non-probationary) certified employees and classified employees with a six year guarantee are eligible for a leave of absence from employment with the District for one year at a time up to a maximum of three years.

Within the three year period, these employees are eligible to return to the District (only at the beginning of a contract year) at their former status in terms of employment and rate of pay.The specific position assignment is at the discretion of the District.

After the maximum of three years of leave, a non-probationary staff member must reapply and compete for a position vacancy if he wishes to resume employment with the District.Anyone who is offered and accepts a position will be reinstated as a non-probationary employee.

No district seniority or pay status changes will be earned while on leave from the District, unless approved by PSD.

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