Mrs. Mahindroo

Where were you born and where have you lived? I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and have have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indiana.

Where did you attend university or college? I graduated from Purdue University with a B.Sc. in Marketing and Finance and from Butler University with an MBA.

What kind of reading do you most enjoy doing? I love reading autobiographies.

What are the small essentials that make life more comfortable? Decaf. mint green tea, colored pens, electric pencil sharpeners, and a working stapler.

What are your favorite snacks? Lay's potato chips!

What do you do to unwind? Listen to music, play games with my family, and spend time with friends.

How could a parent volunteer help you most? Please consider helping us plan Young Aristotle and Eco-Week. I love getting ideas about how we can make these events even better.

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