What Sets Ridgeview Apart?


A Belief in Old Things

We believe in virtue, good and evil, right and wrong, honor. We conceive of ourselves as an Ionia – a refuge from the technological and relativistic hedonism that marks out modernity. Our students and our faculty are intelligent souls wise enough to know that there is a difference between wisdom and knowledge, and clever enough to discriminate to the benefit of themselves and their society.


Liberal Arts Focus

Much of the elementary school curriculum is a modified version of a Core Knowledge sequence that builds the foundation for a classical, liberal arts education in the high school curriculum. A robust, spoken Latin program begins in Kindergarten, and a Greek program starts in the third grade.


Character Education

Ridgeview integrates the character pillars of citizenship, cooperation, responsibility, honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, and courage into all academic disciplines.


Test Preparation Helps Students Achieve

While Ridgeview expects students will do well on tests such as the ACT and SAT, faculty do not explicitly teach to the test. Ridgeview offers many AP courses and encourages students to take them. Additionally, Ridgeview provides free SAT prep for juniors taking the exam.

I owe everything I am today to Ridgeview. As a student of 13 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with some amazing teachers who have taught me the value of my own mind, the art and beauty of literature and rhetoric, and my love for classical education.
— Maya M., Class of 2017

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How do I become a Hoplite?

+ Step 1: Submit an Inquiry

Submitting an inquiry is the first step of our admissions process. Send your inquiry and our Admissions office will be in touch.

+ Step 2: Attend an Info Meeting

Before you can be entered into our Lottery, you must attend an informational meeting. This will give an overview of the school and will allow you to fill out a letter of intent.

+ Step 3: Await Lottery Results

Ridgeview admits students using a lottery system. Open seats for students may be drawn for students throughout the year as they become available.