A Poem for First Quarter

Is this really the end of First Quarter? Agh! Here's a poem, dedicated to all over-caffeinated, stressed-out Ridgeview students, past, present, and future:

In these final hours as grades are calculated
And I struggle to finish too many essays
And print and turn them in on time
I feel a bit like I'm going mad
From lack of sleep and far too much caffeine.
I know I should prioritize
But everything must be done and in
By three o'clock (or fifteen hundred)
And extensions aren't an option anymore.
So I grit my teeth in a manic smile
And make another pot of coffee
Turning back to the well-worn keys
To pound out yet another paragraph,
Reminding myself that I've done this before
And that there will be an end.
As soon as these last few pages are written
And those last ten tests are taken
Then I will go to bed at a godly hour
And hopefully cut back on the coffee...
And let my mind recover from the strain,
And give my poor keyboard a well-deserved rest.

Happy end of First Quarter, everyone!

Lucy R.